Opinion of “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore

November 19, 2008

Yes this documentary was made in response to a great tragedy, but I think it raises the real reasons for why it happened. Some people don’t like Michael Moore because of what he says, but I think that’s pretty unfounded because like Al Gore, he speaks an Inconvenient Truth. I think, if anything, what should upset people is the way he speaks to opponents of his views. He talks very sarcastically them, much like the style of John Stewart or Steven Colbert (who I also enjoy thoroughly).

But the point is really this, gun control. We, as Americans, can no longer scapegoat the real reasons behind violence. We can’t say it’s due to all the violent movie, video games, television, or even Marilyn Manson…because, for example, as Mr. Moore shows, Japan has all these things as well. But in Japan only thirty-eight people a year are killed by gun violence. This is almost a polar opposite to America’s over ten thousand deaths to guns. Why is this?

We, as Americans, have butt-loads of access to guns. Including ones that have no practical purpose. You don’t need an oozie to hunt deer. Why? Because, there wouldn’t be any deer left to eat…and that’s just wasteful. So, let’s be honest here, does our second amendment really need to include fully automatic weapons? Or, should there be elevated restrictions on these weapons? I think so.


Top Ten Websites

November 13, 2008

1) DeviantArt: (www.deviantart.com) A fun website where an artist can post their artwork and allow the world to see it.

2) VG Cats: (www.vgcats.com) A webcomic by Scott Ramsoomair about two anthropomorphic cats and video games. What more could you want?

3) Looking For Group: (www.lfgcomic.com) A webcomic written by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar DeSouza about a mythical quest based on the best elements in fantasy.

4) Least I Could Do: (www.leasticoulddo.com) Another webcomic by Sohmer and DeSouza about life…a very funny life.

5) The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: (www.drmcninja.com) A webcomic by Chris Hastings about an Irish born Ninja who is also a doctor. His prescription: pain.

6) Marvel Comics: (www.marvel.com) This is where I keep up with Spidey and the gang.

7) Wikipedia: (www.wikipedia.org) Where else would you go for information about random things?

8) Digg: (www.digg.com) Where I get all my news about anything, random or serious.

9) Facebook: (www.facebook.com) Where I keep in touch with…everyone.

10) Google: (www.google.com) The Oracle. The Gateway to Knowledge. Ask and ye shall learn of ten thousand semi-related websites.

Opinion: Closet Pokemon Players

November 13, 2008
Cubone in "Real Life"


Pokemon. We all remember the fun-filled hours of youth spent enslaving tiny elemental beasts and pitting them in duels to the death, proving if you are indeed, a Pokemon Master. Well, like believing in Santa Claus do we too, stop enjoying Pokemon? Some would definitely say so, others would definitely disagree. But in the midst of this battleground there are those that talk one way and duel another.

Those among us that say, “Pokemon is for geeky kids!”. But after they leave the “cool kids” circle they desperately continue their quest to get their Pikachu to level sixty and bellowing, “What the hell was that?!” when their beloved yellow rat faints when pitted against a level sixty-two Cubone. Why can’t you just admit that you still like Pokemon?

Closet Pokemon Players need to shrug off the bonds of the closet, or “poke-ball” if you will, and walk into the light. Besides, there could be worse habits, right? You could like Harry Potter still…hahahaha!


November 5, 2008

Yesterday was historic. Barack Obama is now the President Elect. And why not? Is it really suprising to anyone that he won in landslide proportions against rival John McCain? It was clear to me that in September McCain stood no chance at all. While Obama’s campain stayed the course with their plan, the McCain campaign took up a new game-plan: the blame game. Instead of focusing on the things that someone running for President should, McCain focused on smear tactics, that overall proved ineffective.

So, yes, finally change is on the rise. With only a few left to grumble in their bigotry, primarliy the Klan. The new Congress is going through a state of shock, being only two democratic seats away from an anti-philibuster Congress. Does that mean change will come sooner? Maybe. But don’t expect it early next year. The new President will have to try an work with an up-teen trillion dollar debt, all the while working to aid the people. This means any steps taken will be small for a while, but hang in there! What’s a little more wait? We’ve survived the last near-decade, haven’t we?

Overall, the world is pleased with the American choice, I’d say. I think Barack Obama is a better candidate for improving the United State’s approval world-wide. Some would disagree. But they are clearly victims of the McCain Campaign’s Scare-Tactics, they’ll learn in time.

But regardless of whatever tactics were used by the Republican party, we all must now pull together. Because the Democrats aren’t going to be able to do it alone. Just like the Republicans weren’t able to do it alone, despite how hard they tried. We are ALL Americans, and we are ALL enduring the same hardships. So we must ALL come together to work for the “American Future”. In the words of a great man, “We are not red states, or blue states. We are The United States.” (Barack Obama, early morning November 5th, 2008)

Possible Debate Topics?

October 30, 2008

1) Whether or not Superman is a whiner: I would be good at this debate because I am a Super Hero buff…so I know that Superman is indeed a whiner.

2) Is Frodo a whiner: Similar to the last, but I’ve watched Lord of the Rings enough times to know that Frodo too is a whiner.

3) School Art Program Funding: This topic hits close to home, since my high school barely had an art program…

4) SUV’s: Will they ever be as popular as their original late ’90s -early ’00s? I don’t think so!

5) Political Beliefs & Interactions: Also a close to home. I’m democrat, for this election at least, and my whole family is Conservative…why do people feel the need to try and change other people’s minds?

6) Am I out of debate topics: Quite possibly…I’m starting to draw blanks.

7) Deer Hunting with an RPG: Do you really need Assault Weapons to stalk pheasants? Use swords people!

8) Dumb People at the Zoo: Don’t hop the fence to get a closer shot of the “friendly” polar bear, or try to pet the “tame” tiger, please folks?

9) Movies: Why? Because people fight over what they think is a good, and or bad, movie.

10) Police Control: Should there be more, or less? Because…in my hometown we only had a Rent-A-Cop…and it was the closest thing to a ghetto in the North Western part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Opinion of “The Daily Show” & “The Colbert Report”

October 30, 2008

Personally, I enjoy both of these shows immensely. Just so you know, yes I know they are a comedy pointed news show. Do I take John Stewart’s word as law? No. Steven Colbert? Not yet, soon maybe. I just like how through Stewart’s Democrat point of view, and Colbert’s fake Conservative one, they make good points against the Republican Party. The reason I think these two shows above most of everything else if probably attributed to this year’s election. Ever get tired of hearing that Sen. Obama is a socialist? Well, why not put the actual Socialist Candidate for President on your show? That’s what Colbert did. It was actually very interesting to hear a Socialist call Obama the farthest thing from socialism as possible. It was just a flip on current name-calling, so it was entertaining. Also, Sen. Obama was on “The Daily Show” via satellite last night…which was really intriguing to me. Because “The Daily Show” is a comedy show I would not expect a candidate to appear on it. Fun all around.

Ideal Mate

October 21, 2008

Hmmm, my ideal mate. I think the person that is to become my mate should be the following: of at least average intelligence, beautiful (which will be, of course, in the eye of the beholder), a caring nature, and so on and so forth. That’s the basics, I’d say, for anyone. Here are some added bonuses for me: creative talent (artistic, singing voice, ect.), no stranger to sarcasm, someone who wont give me what I want if they don’t want to (I don’t like people that cave easy…sin boldly, right?). So how lucky am I that my girlfriend has this criteria? Just hope I can hold on to her…because she’s six hours away back home. I’m not worried that much about it though. /;D