Word of the Week: Flabbergasted

“Appalled, amazed, or stunned.”


I chose this word because I am flabbergasted by its very exsistance. I am appalled that someone decided to use a word that is thirteen letters long instead of just saying appal. I’m amazed that there is actually a definition of the word out here, I thought it really didn’t need one…a word that is merely fun to say. Finally, I will be stunned if anyone actually comments on this rediculous word’s post…


One Response to Word of the Week: Flabbergasted

  1. I’m comenting on your post for three reasons. One: You said no one would. Two: You spelled ridiculous wrong, and Three: I love the word flabbergasted as well. It’s amazingly fun to say and is better than saying a boring word like “suprised.”

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