Image of the Week: Captain America

Strait from the pages of Marvel’s “Civil War”.

I chose this image because of the power it holds. The death of Captain America can be thought of as a symbol. Does this mean that democracy and heroism is dead? I hope not.


3 Responses to Image of the Week: Captain America

  1. kakajukempo says:

    i beleve that this dose mean the heros are dead. this is true becase the are only skilled solgers left. i also beleve that democracy is slowly dieing and will be dead soon. this is true for there are no use for heros any more and with heros goes democrcy.

  2. patrick101 says:

    Dude, man that’s not good if Captain America can die,.. then I don’t have a chance. I was never diggin’ his costume though, looks like he is wearing fish scales on his shoulders. Anyways cool pic though, who’s the lady on the left though?

  3. yer111teach says:

    Makes me wonder…is it just the idea that democracy and heroism have to go together what’s really dying?!

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