The Preacher’s Game

The quote “crazy preacher”, as he came to be known, was playing a game with all of us. Maybe he didn’t know, or even intend, for this. But all in all, he did. By preaching his extremist views to the campus public he spurred a lot of controversy. By saying that women should be subservient to men, and that long hair on men is sinning, he sparked a deep look into each person’s beliefs. After hearing him speak, most of us took a deep look into ourselves and thought; “I don’t think so.” So, by his radical stance he started a very religious rediscovery in the students.


One Response to The Preacher’s Game

  1. patrick101 says:

    I know where you’re coming from, but from my stance, I just thought he was an idiot and then walked on. It didn’t really make a difference if he was trying to influence people or not, but if people don’t like it, then they should just walk on by and not pay attention any attention to him. If nobody was there, (protesting or not) he would have no crowd to preach to, and hopefully would stop what he was doing and just go .. work at a nice pet store or something.

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