Opinion of Superman

Okay, I’m going to say what I’ve always thought about this guy. I understand that he’s a super hero, that’s not the point of this. I don’t like Superman. For being the “man of steel” he sure complains a lot. I think “man of melted butter” makes more sense. Also isn’t it convenient that every “baddie” has some super rare kryptonite weapon? He is supposedly indestructible, but even when he is shot with a laser, he whines. Maybe this is to make him more human…but doesn’t that take away from what he really is: an alien? I think so. When I hear that he is “America’s Superhero” I scoff. I’d say “Captain America” is America’s hero…because of that “America” part following the Captain.


One Response to Opinion of Superman

  1. patrick101 says:

    I’d have to agree. I don’t like Superman all that much either, but I can understand why he complains and such. If they didn’t have elements like that in the books and he just owned any enemy in sight with no problem then that would make for some lame comics. You have a good point though, he shouldn’t complain as much as he does.

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