Opinion of “The Daily Show” & “The Colbert Report”

Personally, I enjoy both of these shows immensely. Just so you know, yes I know they are a comedy pointed news show. Do I take John Stewart’s word as law? No. Steven Colbert? Not yet, soon maybe. I just like how through Stewart’s Democrat point of view, and Colbert’s fake Conservative one, they make good points against the Republican Party. The reason I think these two shows above most of everything else if probably attributed to this year’s election. Ever get tired of hearing that Sen. Obama is a socialist? Well, why not put the actual Socialist Candidate for President on your show? That’s what Colbert did. It was actually very interesting to hear a Socialist call Obama the farthest thing from socialism as possible. It was just a flip on current name-calling, so it was entertaining. Also, Sen. Obama was on “The Daily Show” via satellite last night…which was really intriguing to me. Because “The Daily Show” is a comedy show I would not expect a candidate to appear on it. Fun all around.


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