Possible Debate Topics?

1) Whether or not Superman is a whiner: I would be good at this debate because I am a Super Hero buff…so I know that Superman is indeed a whiner.

2) Is Frodo a whiner: Similar to the last, but I’ve watched Lord of the Rings enough times to know that Frodo too is a whiner.

3) School Art Program Funding: This topic hits close to home, since my high school barely had an art program…

4) SUV’s: Will they ever be as popular as their original late ’90s -early ’00s? I don’t think so!

5) Political Beliefs & Interactions: Also a close to home. I’m democrat, for this election at least, and my whole family is Conservative…why do people feel the need to try and change other people’s minds?

6) Am I out of debate topics: Quite possibly…I’m starting to draw blanks.

7) Deer Hunting with an RPG: Do you really need Assault Weapons to stalk pheasants? Use swords people!

8) Dumb People at the Zoo: Don’t hop the fence to get a closer shot of the “friendly” polar bear, or try to pet the “tame” tiger, please folks?

9) Movies: Why? Because people fight over what they think is a good, and or bad, movie.

10) Police Control: Should there be more, or less? Because…in my hometown we only had a Rent-A-Cop…and it was the closest thing to a ghetto in the North Western part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.


2 Responses to Possible Debate Topics?

  1. srandolph says:

    Finally, a debate list that makes me laugh. Most of these lists, I’m guilty of this too, are all about the overdone political issues, well hell, I’d rather debate Frodo being a whiner (which he is, of course) than debating abortion again.

  2. addysinstardust says:

    I thought your list was very refreshing. I really agree with the first two you listed. No one ever puts much thought into a superhero’s personality. They just figure they do the job and should be praised highly for it. I’ve always disliked Frodo for being so whiney, Sam could’ve done his job with half the hassle.

    I don’t know if you ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I think Buffy is another prime example of a whiney superhero. She’s got a million people there to help her and all she does is say she can do it alone and it’s her destiny to die and her life sucks, blah blah blah. It just gets old after a while.

    Nice list, I really hope we hear about some of these things in class.

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