Yesterday was historic. Barack Obama is now the President Elect. And why not? Is it really suprising to anyone that he won in landslide proportions against rival John McCain? It was clear to me that in September McCain stood no chance at all. While Obama’s campain stayed the course with their plan, the McCain campaign took up a new game-plan: the blame game. Instead of focusing on the things that someone running for President should, McCain focused on smear tactics, that overall proved ineffective.

So, yes, finally change is on the rise. With only a few left to grumble in their bigotry, primarliy the Klan. The new Congress is going through a state of shock, being only two democratic seats away from an anti-philibuster Congress. Does that mean change will come sooner? Maybe. But don’t expect it early next year. The new President will have to try an work with an up-teen trillion dollar debt, all the while working to aid the people. This means any steps taken will be small for a while, but hang in there! What’s a little more wait? We’ve survived the last near-decade, haven’t we?

Overall, the world is pleased with the American choice, I’d say. I think Barack Obama is a better candidate for improving the United State’s approval world-wide. Some would disagree. But they are clearly victims of the McCain Campaign’s Scare-Tactics, they’ll learn in time.

But regardless of whatever tactics were used by the Republican party, we all must now pull together. Because the Democrats aren’t going to be able to do it alone. Just like the Republicans weren’t able to do it alone, despite how hard they tried. We are ALL Americans, and we are ALL enduring the same hardships. So we must ALL come together to work for the “American Future”. In the words of a great man, “We are not red states, or blue states. We are The United States.” (Barack Obama, early morning November 5th, 2008)


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