Opinion: Closet Pokemon Players

Cubone in "Real Life"


Pokemon. We all remember the fun-filled hours of youth spent enslaving tiny elemental beasts and pitting them in duels to the death, proving if you are indeed, a Pokemon Master. Well, like believing in Santa Claus do we too, stop enjoying Pokemon? Some would definitely say so, others would definitely disagree. But in the midst of this battleground there are those that talk one way and duel another.

Those among us that say, “Pokemon is for geeky kids!”. But after they leave the “cool kids” circle they desperately continue their quest to get their Pikachu to level sixty and bellowing, “What the hell was that?!” when their beloved yellow rat faints when pitted against a level sixty-two Cubone. Why can’t you just admit that you still like Pokemon?

Closet Pokemon Players need to shrug off the bonds of the closet, or “poke-ball” if you will, and walk into the light. Besides, there could be worse habits, right? You could like Harry Potter still…hahahaha!


One Response to Opinion: Closet Pokemon Players

  1. Paul says:

    lol, I’m a huge fan own a website and more.

    Yet IRL totally closeted =]

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