Opinion of “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore

Yes this documentary was made in response to a great tragedy, but I think it raises the real reasons for why it happened. Some people don’t like Michael Moore because of what he says, but I think that’s pretty unfounded because like Al Gore, he speaks an Inconvenient Truth. I think, if anything, what should upset people is the way he speaks to opponents of his views. He talks very sarcastically them, much like the style of John Stewart or Steven Colbert (who I also enjoy thoroughly).

But the point is really this, gun control. We, as Americans, can no longer scapegoat the real reasons behind violence. We can’t say it’s due to all the violent movie, video games, television, or even Marilyn Manson…because, for example, as Mr. Moore shows, Japan has all these things as well. But in Japan only thirty-eight people a year are killed by gun violence. This is almost a polar opposite to America’s over ten thousand deaths to guns. Why is this?

We, as Americans, have butt-loads of access to guns. Including ones that have no practical purpose. You don’t need an oozie to hunt deer. Why? Because, there wouldn’t be any deer left to eat…and that’s just wasteful. So, let’s be honest here, does our second amendment really need to include fully automatic weapons? Or, should there be elevated restrictions on these weapons? I think so.


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