Top Ten Websites

November 13, 2008

1) DeviantArt: ( A fun website where an artist can post their artwork and allow the world to see it.

2) VG Cats: ( A webcomic by Scott Ramsoomair about two anthropomorphic cats and video games. What more could you want?

3) Looking For Group: ( A webcomic written by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar DeSouza about a mythical quest based on the best elements in fantasy.

4) Least I Could Do: ( Another webcomic by Sohmer and DeSouza about life…a very funny life.

5) The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: ( A webcomic by Chris Hastings about an Irish born Ninja who is also a doctor. His prescription: pain.

6) Marvel Comics: ( This is where I keep up with Spidey and the gang.

7) Wikipedia: ( Where else would you go for information about random things?

8) Digg: ( Where I get all my news about anything, random or serious.

9) Facebook: ( Where I keep in touch with…everyone.

10) Google: ( The Oracle. The Gateway to Knowledge. Ask and ye shall learn of ten thousand semi-related websites.


Possible Debate Topics?

October 30, 2008

1) Whether or not Superman is a whiner: I would be good at this debate because I am a Super Hero buff…so I know that Superman is indeed a whiner.

2) Is Frodo a whiner: Similar to the last, but I’ve watched Lord of the Rings enough times to know that Frodo too is a whiner.

3) School Art Program Funding: This topic hits close to home, since my high school barely had an art program…

4) SUV’s: Will they ever be as popular as their original late ’90s -early ’00s? I don’t think so!

5) Political Beliefs & Interactions: Also a close to home. I’m democrat, for this election at least, and my whole family is Conservative…why do people feel the need to try and change other people’s minds?

6) Am I out of debate topics: Quite possibly…I’m starting to draw blanks.

7) Deer Hunting with an RPG: Do you really need Assault Weapons to stalk pheasants? Use swords people!

8) Dumb People at the Zoo: Don’t hop the fence to get a closer shot of the “friendly” polar bear, or try to pet the “tame” tiger, please folks?

9) Movies: Why? Because people fight over what they think is a good, and or bad, movie.

10) Police Control: Should there be more, or less? Because…in my hometown we only had a Rent-A-Cop…and it was the closest thing to a ghetto in the North Western part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.